Třebechovice pod Orebem

A town of less than six thousand residents, it is situated just 13 kilometres from Hradec Králové, the capital of the administrative region, in the foothills of the Orlice Mountains. It comprises part of the Třebechovice microregion, along with the municipalities of Blešno, Běleč, Ledce, Vysoký Újezd, Jeníkovice, Očelice and Jílovice.

The first written record of Třebechovice dates back to 1358, the year when King Charles IV promoted to it town status. At the time of the Hussite wars, it became a centre for the Hussite movement, headed by a priest named Ambrose. During a service in 1419, its followers elected to change the name of a local hill from Vinice to Horeb (Czech: Oreb), inspired by a mountain referred to in the Bible. In 1636, the estate of Třebechovice passed to the Colloredo brothers by an edict of the emperor. In 1849, it ceased to be dependant on the authority of Opočno and became a free town.